BMW MINI COUNTRYMAN test drive box via amazon. 

Dec 2017 - Amazon
Role: UX Designer


  • Billions of shopping data will help identify the desired audiences for the MINI Countryman on Amazon. Via online advertising, the desired target group is directed to
  • An individualized landing page will arouse the desire of the mentioned Amazon customers to secure the MINI Countryman for an experience weekend in a cost-effective manner.
  • By one-click purchase, interested parties can get deliver of a Test Drive Box via Amazon home.
  • By contacting MINI, the buyers of the box will arrange their dream day.
  • During the adventure weekend with the MINI Countryman, the desire for MINI is firmly established at the next car purchase.
  • Even if this is not yet concrete. Through reviews on Amazon and in the personal environment (during and after the weekend), the MIN reverberates beyond the buyers of the Test Drive Box.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The landing page

The landing page was designed to focus on the test drive package. The first fold of the page was used to showcase the MINI countryman drive video engaging the customers to the outdoorsy feel. The buying option for the test drive package is kept at top of the page right next to the video to drive purchase.
A gallery section was added to showcase the interior of the car. The buy box was added again at the bottom so that it is easier for users to purchase the package without going back up again to the top of the page.

The user experience

Customer ordered on the Test Drive BoxAmazon ships in the name and for the account of MINI.

MINI sends Order Confirmation containing a PDF for Expiration and Dealer Selection.

Test Box is shipped through Amazon:
1. Small Thank You (MINI Accessory).
2. Voucher for redemption at MINI.
3. Hotline for appointment Booklet to the MINI Countryman.

Customer contacts MINI Call Center, arranges desired dealer and day of pickup.

fixed appointment with dealer, obtains consent to the data transfer by e-mail.

Dealer confirms appointment with customer.

Customer appears with voucher, driver's license at the dealerExperience MINI Clubman in everyday life.

Customer writes review or reports to Friends of Action / MINI Countryman.

Traffic drivers

To create the awareness of the campaign, traffic drivers were created which were the targeted video ads and desktop and mobile ads running across the amazon platform.