World Class List

Diageo and Precious Media wanted to spread the high quality produced series and push sales on their brands through Amazon. This was Amazon’s first content to sales campaign in Europe and its main goal was to find a balance between purchase and awareness.

May 2017 - Amazon
Role: UX Designer


The idea was to build a landing page hosting five high-value episodes of World Class List with shop-able films in the shape of a travel documentary on Amazon.

The five-part travel series World Class List follows aspiring musician and drinks enthusiast Carey Watkins. Watkins explores the best of what to see, do, eat and drink in Sydney, Taipei, Barcelona, San Francisco and Mexico City. Guiding him on his journey are some of the world’s top bartenders, who will explain how to make the best cocktails using Diageo Reserve brands, including Ketel One, Ciroc and Don Julio tequila.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Introduction to the series

The concept that we came up with was to have the landing page evolve with the journey of our world class list series host. To acomplish that we started of with an introductory page creating awareness of the series.
The video hosted on the introductory page was that of our host landing the job of hosting the series and a glimpse of his journey to 5 countries. The overall design was kept very minimalistic and elegant so that the beautiful imagery from the shoots and the videos are the first thing that catch users attention.


Each episode from the series got its own tab on the landing page. The idea was to keep the episode as the hero of the page covering the first fold. to keep the users engaged and drive the purchase we decide to showcase the recipes of the hero drinks from the episodes on the landing page. Now users were not only able to see the recipes on the landing page but also buy the key ingredient at the same time. As the episodes were launching 1 each day the page was also evolving with each episode. At the launch of every episode the next tab had the launch date of the 2nd episode and a teaser of what and where the next adventure is going to be.

Traffic drivers

To create the awareness of the campaign, traffic drivers were created which were the targeted video ads running across the amazon platform.


The feedback from consumer tests showed that 80% wanted to watch more, and were more likely to seek out the products they'd seen in bars or stores.

“We can raise awareness, but if they can’t buy the products, it’s void. The partnership with Amazon gives us that complete circle – we can entertain and educate viewers with how-to guides, and then make it as easy as possible for them to make the purchase.”

“It’s the perfect storm – we are creating content that inspires people to buy our brands, and we can directly look at conversion and click-through rates."

Johanna Dalley, World Class global director at Diageo Reserve