Daily is a todo app designed to manage your daily tasks in an efficient way.The app is based on Eisenhower matrix and sets clear prioritization mechanism for users

May 2016 - Personal project
Role: UX Designer


The inspiration behind this concept was a task management session. While in session I was wondering, what if we have an app that helps people implement Eisenhower metrics on their daily tasks and help them prioritize efficiently. The Idea was to create an intuitive task management app that helps people in prioritizing their tasks by categorizing them in 4 quadrants.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


The dashboard is designed to show the scheduled tasks for the day in order of their set prioritise. The tasks are color coded to create visual distinction between different priorities. This will help users to formulate the next action item on the task just by looking at the board. A progress widget it added right at the top of the dashboard to help users understand their current state with their tasks.

Add a new task

Adding a task is designed to be effortless. Most of us prefer a white board next to us or pen and paper to jot down days task. Why, me might ask. Simply because it is easier and faster to just note them down in bullet points. This screen is designed keeping in mind how effortless users want adding todo’s to be.  The only mandatory field in this form is the title. By default the time is set to due today and priority set to not urgent but important. User can choose to change these and add description while scheduling. Toggles are used to set the priority variables to get the data on swipe of a finger. If working in a team user can also add people to the task by simply adding their email addresses.

Empty states and menu

No app is complete without handling empty states. The empty state is used to give user a brief about the functionality of the app yet keeping the messaging encouraging and rewarding. The hamburger menu is utilized to give a brief summary of tasks at hand and utilize the categories to represent the Eisenhower matrix.